How Divided is America?

You hear a lot of talk about how divided our country and state is. But did you know there’s actually a lot of agreement among your neighbors?

Repeal of Roe V. Wade

65% agree with the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision (Quinnipiac, ‘22)

62% say abortion should be legal in all/most cases (PEW, ‘22)

61% Disapprove of overturning Roe v. Wade (Fox News, ‘22)

Gun Safety

64% of Americans support the new gun safety law and want Congress to do more (PEW, 2022)

74% support raising the minimum legal age to buy any gun to 21 years old nationwide (Quinnipiac, ‘22)

2020 Election & Voting Rights

69% believe the 2020 presidential election was fair and legitimate (Wash Post, ‘22)

67% say states drawing legislative districts to favor one party (gerrymandering) is a “major problem” (Economist, ‘22)

69% support establishing national guidelines to allow vote-by-mail and in-person early voting in federal elections in every state (Monmouth, ‘21)

Addressing the Climate Crisis

69% believe we should prioritize developing alternative energy like wind and solar (PEW, ‘22)


Thirteen years ago the #ACA  was signed into law. This year a record-breaking 16.3 million Americans enrolled in a Marketplace plan for their health coverage, and millions more are able to purchase prescription medications at a lower cost.